Moxibustion Therapy is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that effectively warms the yang and nourishes the qi (energy), dissolves stasis, and warms and stimulates the meridian points by applying warmth onto the skin. It is considered one of the most ancient medical healthcare methods in Chinese medicinal culture and is known to help improve overall health.


Moxibustion is a therapy that involves burning loose moxa wool to heat the acupoints on the human body. When burned, Moxa leaves, known to have a warm medicinal property, produce smoke. The moxa smoke, together with the heat produced by the moxa fire, warms the qi and blood, and expels colds. Moxa leaf oil also provides a lot of health benefits that excites the nerve centers, relieves heat, stops bleeding, and eases chronic pain.

There is a saying in Chinese that says “All diseases will disappear if the Zusanli point is warmed with moxa”.

Applying moxa to the Zusanli (Lower he-sea point of the Stomach, ST 36), Zhongwan (front-mu point of the stomach, CV 12), Mingmen (lower torso, GV 4), Qihai (below the navel, CV 6), Guanyuan (below the navel, CV 4)) will nourish the stomach, yang qi, and essence and blood, thus strengthening the body’s resistance, preventing diseases and offering good health.

This procedure is applied in different areas of medicine including internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, dermatology, ENT, and other areas.

The number of treatments required will depend on the severity of injury or ailment and the health of the person being treated as to how fast they can heal. Your therapist will discuss a treatment plan at your first session. 

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